S3 Husqvarna 250 Topp Kit END Blå 17


S3 Husqvarna 250 Topp Kit END Blå 17
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    STAR HEAD cylinder heads: Forged in the best aluminum alloy to obtain a top quality and high durability components. Its new design has thicker walls and higher water flow to ensure a maximum cooling rate.

    Delivered with 3 inlets:
    • Compression: Standard, high comp. & high high comp.

    New design:
    • Capable of cooling faster, thus low revs power increases.
    • Forging them eliminates the hot spots found on casted heads.

    New look:
    • Its shape and color makes it beautiful.
    • Noticeable at a distance and stunning at a close view.

    The kit includes:
    • 1 Forged aluminum cylinder head cover.
    • 3 Inserts: std, high comp. & high high comp.
    • 5 O-rings: top cylinder & inserts
    • 6 Copper washers for M8 cylinder head bolts.

    Different inlet compressions, what varies?
    • Standard (STD) compression: Higher torque and power at low revs. Even though it is similar to the original compression, you will notice the difference.
    • High (A) compression: Possibility to add another gear, better traccion and very clean response.
    • Very high ( AA y AAA) compression: Specially for 1500m high or more, or MX engine preparation.

    (Low compression insert as optional accessory)

    Cylinder Head Inserts. Trial / Enduro S3. Keeps the engine cooler and improves engine performance. S3 unique design uses the best quality materials resulting in an increase in the circulation of cooling liquid. The temperature of the motor is reduced and there is a noticeable improvement compared to any of the standard products.

    • Reduces the temperature of the engine
    • Much less risk of the motor overheating
    • Weight reduction
    • Used by the top riders
    • Compatible with all S3 cylinder Heads


    Cylinder Head Inserts. Low Compression. Reduces engine compression for a very smooth response. Makes the bike easier to control and puts less stress on the motor. Perfect for slippery conditions.
    • Ideal for slippery terrain.
    • Easier to control the power
    • Makes the bike smoother and more progressive.
    • Used by the top professional riders.

    Cylinder Head Inserts. Standard Compression. Designed to provide optimum power and versatility. Improved performance in all areas and will benefit all levels of riders.
    • Designed to provide optimum performance
    • Makes for a more progressive motor.
    • Very versatile for all riders and all terrains.

    Cylinder Head Inserts. High Compression. Designed to increase compression and give more instant power. The power is output is more dynamic but still very useable.
    • Quicker response than the standard motor
    • Engine will rev out more than the standard.
    • Extra power and transaction at the top end of the power band


    Cylinder Head Inserts. Very High Compression. This is designed for use at high altitude or for very specific conditions. Using this insert will allow your bike to perform at altitudes of 1500M and above..
    • Ideal for any high altitude events
    • A simple change to this insert will enable your bike to function well in high altitude events..
    • Also ideal for use on sand and in SX.

    Which insert to Choose ?
    Good question. We think that during a long season it can depend on the situation, the event or even the condition of the rider. You should start with the insert that fits your needs but you can obviously change this if circumstances require. You can test and try all the different configurations until you find the ones that give you the best response for your needs.
    Undoubtedly your riding will improve if you can get the most out of your bike and our products can help you to do that.
    You can find all the infirmity on you need from our shops or from the details below:-

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