Beta Boano Setetrekk CrossX X-Trainer


Beta Boano Setetrekk CrossX X-Trainer
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    New Boano CrossX seat covers for off-road motorcycles manufactured by suitable artificial leather with features like:

    • Non-slip texture for maximum stability of the rider.
    • UV protection from the sun for longer life in outdoor conditions.
    • Flame resistance fabric, offering strength in contact with high heat objects.
    • Thickness 1.2mm for maximum abrasion resistance, even in harsh conditions.
    • Bright and vivid colors that will give your motorcycle beauty and esthetics.
    The above properties of artificial leather aimed to satisfy the most demanding rider.

    Being ourselves riders of off-road motorcycles, we found that moisture penetrates inside the seat cover from the seams after bad weather race or after washing.

    To prevent such phenomena we add to each seam 3layer hot melt tape. With this technique we achieve maximum sealing seams, reinforced stitching and extends the life of the seat foam.

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