Beta Fothviler kit RR 2T/4T 20>

CNC alu fothviler kit for RR 2T/4T passer 20og21 mod

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    new RR 2T/4T footpegs are available for ordering.

    The new footpegs in a nutshell:
    • New CNC Ergal Footrest, suitable for all RR MY 2020 and 2021 models
    • Designed and developed in collaboration with the Factory Team
    • 200 grams lighter than the Standard version (pair) – around 50grams lighter than the Racing Version
    • Better grip in all weather conditions
    • Better Comfort under your boots
    • Lowered gullwing profile to increase ground clearance
    • Screwed teeth available as spare part, for easy replacement
    • Stiffness and robustness improved thanks to the diagonal crossbar
    • Natural anodization for an attractive look

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