S3 Sherco Topp 250/300 ccm Blå


S3 Sherco Topp 250/300 ccm Blå
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    S3 Cylinder heads can hold more water flow and have stronger walls, helping with the cooling rate, this improve low and high revs power.

    Amazing Racing look!

    S3 heads are made by forging process and using best alloys available, shiny finish in red or blue anodized colors.

    Specific compression inserts design offers the possibility to adapt engine setting to YOUR CHOICE

    Forged in the best aluminum alloy to obtain a top quality component and high durability. Its new design has thicker walls and higher water flow to ensure a better cooling rate.

    New design:
    • Capable of cooling faster, thus low revs power increases.
    • Forging them eliminates the hot spots found on casted heads.

    New look:
    • Its shape and color makes it beautiful.
    • Noticeable at a distance and stunning at a close view.

    Different compression Insert, what changes?
    Standard compression (STD): Higher torque and power at low revs, you will notice the difference.
    High compression (A): Possibility to add another gear, better traccion and very clean response.
    Very high compression ( AA ): Specially for altitudes over 1500m , or MX engine preparation.
    Low compression: Incredible traction, smooth response, ideal for X-treme, TOP pilots use it. It's a delight!

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