S3 Svanehals Factory WORK Gg 17-19 / Rieju 21->


S3 Svanehals Factory WORK Gg 17-19 / Rieju 21->
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    2-Stroke Pipe Factory - RIEJU

    Rieju RR 2021-22 // Gas Gas 2017-2019

    RIEJU MR from 2021 to current
    GAS GAS EC from 2018 to 2020

    Delivered with o-rings, silent blocs, fasteners kit, plug and play.
    • Higher and more compact to reduce damage risk
    • Tope performance, smooth bottom, good medium and high output.
    • Reinforced welding stronger and safer as standard

    2 Options for finishing:
    • WORKS Finish: Untreated surface to give you a racing and artisan look
    • PLATINIUM finish: chrome-plated surface, with excellent anti-rust finish

    **They include Silentblocks, screws and o-rings if the model is required
    100% Made in Barcelona-Costa-Brava !

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