Beta Sykkel RR 125 SM T Rød 2023

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An increasingly comprehensive and diversified Beta RR 125 4 Stroke range embraces the needs of an ever-growing audience.

Potential Beta RR 125 4 Stroke customers are various, from young riders making their first moves in the motorcycling world to a more experienced rider seeking an agile, sporty vehicle that is not expensive to run, without sacrificing on that fun and ease of use typical of the Betamotor family feeling. The new 2023 RR 125 4 Stroke range, both Enduro and Motard, is able to satisfy every requirement, proposing twice the number of solutions in order to meet a variety of needs. Whether it’s a sixteen-year-old looking for a premium model supermoto with which to have fun through the turns, somebody making their first experience into the enduro world, an adult seeking an economic vehicle for urban use, an expert wanting a solution that is very accessible in approach, or a neophyte discovering road or off-road riding for the first time, there’s now a Beta 125 4Stroke to suit their needs. And here’s how...

While the line previously comprised two models (RR 125 4 Stroke Enduro and Motard, in the various colourways) that shared the same engine, the range is now made up of a double family of vehicles: - Enduro and Motard 125 T, with a new engine. - Enduro and Motard 125 R, a 125 four-stroke with premium equipment and finishes.

Vi tar forbehold om feil og prisendringer uten forutgående varsel! Klargjøring, registrering og frakt kan tilkomme!

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