Beta Sykkel RR Enduro 4T 390cc Racing 2022

Beta Sykkel RR Enduro 4T 390cc Racing 2022
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    Beta RR 390 4 takt

    Nå med traksjon kontroll!

    Ideell håndtering og effektforhold. Dens vinnende funksjon ligger i dens enestående trekkraft

    Kan registreres på hvite skilter!.

    Beta RR 350 Avgift hvite skilt 6900,-

    Beta RR 390 Avgift hvite skilt 6900,-

    Beta RR 430 Avgift hvite skilt 9800,-

    Beta RR 480 Avgift hvite skilt 15500,-

    Vi tar forbehold om feil og prisendringer uten forutgående varsel! Klargjøring, registrering og frakt kan tilkomme!

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    RR RACING 4T 350/390/430/480 MY 2022

    Autumn is here, and while everyone else wraps themselves up cosily at home, the most hardcore enduro enthusiasts will be getting out there to put the new RR Racing MY 2022 range through its paces!
    The EnduroGp championship is drawing to a close and Beta’s riders are more focused than ever on getting the best out of their bikes. So, what better time than this for Beta to give the public a chance to own race-ready versions of the RR 2Str-4Str range launched in June?
    In keeping with Betamotor traditions, the bikes of the RR Racing range come complete with everything needed to transform the Enduro models of the Tuscan brand into machines ready to race in the toughest conditions and the most competitive events.
    For the MY 2022 version, the engineers at Rignano sull’Arno have worked on developing upgrades for both the suspension and the powertrain, while keeping all the styling and functional details you’d expect from a race-focused version from Beta.

    As the standard version, the racing range is also made up of 8 different models, each with its own unique character and strengths.

    This is the easiest-to-handle bike in the 4-stroke model range; it favors high-rev riding yet retains a very linear power output.

    With an ideal handling to power ratio, its winning feature lies in its outstanding traction.

    A high-performance engine that is at its best when the rider exploits the long gearing and significant torque.

    This bike best expresses itself in wide open spaces.
    Its characteristics are similar to the 430 model but with even greater torque and power, suitable for more expert and physically fit riders.

    In keeping with the pure racing traditions of Beta, each bike in the RR Racing MY 2022 differs from the respective standard bike in a number of different aspects: with a series of racing parts shared across the range, such as handguards and components in red ergal alloy, and certain specific elements for each model. Let’s take a look at these in detail.

    Racing components:

      • Quick release front axle: immediately recognisable by the red anodised alloy release lever, this component is crucial for saving precious seconds in a race when you need to change a tyre.
      • Red Vertigo handguards: the sturdy structure of these parts combined with eye-catching “in mould” graphics make them must-have accessories for off road riding.
      • Metzeler tyres: the bikes of the Racing range are fitted with the same tyres used by the official team riders in the EnduroGp championship. High-end products with championship-winning levels of grip!
      • Ergal alloy footpegs: when riding an enduro bike on a competitive level, you’re constantly changing the position of your body. So it’s essential that the contact points between you and the bike offer impeccable levels of grip. For the feet, this is ensured by racing footpegs with a large contact area in black ergal alloy and with steel pins.
      • Rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel toothing by ZF: top-class performance, lightness and strength – the perfect mix of all the attributes any racing component must have.
      • Dedicated blue racing saddle: with anti-slip upholstery and document holder pocket for unparalleled grip, comfort and practicality.
      • Anodised black gear lever and rear brake pedal.
      • Gearbox oil filler cap, engine oil filler cap and oil filter cap anodised red aluminium
      • Chain tensioners in red ergal alloy.
      • New Racing graphics and red wheel decals.

      48 mm Kayaba AOS closed cartridge fork: you can’t talk about suspension of these bikes without mentioning the closed cartridge fork by KYB, the leading brand in Enduro for years, whose products have once again been chosen for the MY 2022 models. This product has been continuously honed and improved through collaboration between Beta and Kayaba, giving
      shape to a highly specialised component that not only maximises the performance of RR Racing bikes, but also makes this performance even more accessible. Anodised internal parts minimise sliding friction, while adjustable compression and rebound damping let each rider find the perfect setting. Betamotor’s engineers have, however, revised the calibration of this component, chiefly to improve comfort during initial compression, when shocks from the terrain are transmitted to the rider.

      Oil mixer
      For the models of the RR Racing 2Str MY 2022 family, Beta has decided to stick with its choice of doing away with an automatic mixer, so that these race bikes continue to set benchmarks for lightness and, as a result, agility. RR Racing 2Str bikes must therefore be fuelled with oil/petrol pre-mix ̶ a characteristic accentuating the thoroughbred racing nature of this version.
      These bikes can still be fitted with an aftermarket oil mixer, available as an accessory from the Beta Factory Parts catalogue.

      Traction control – RR Racing 4Str
      The most significant new feature in the 4Str range is the introduction of traction control – a first on an RR bike. Advances in motorcycle technology are giving shape to new components and systems usable even on enduro bikes, which let the rider make more effective use of the vehicle in all possible conditions. To make the performance of its models, and of its bigger displacement bikes in particular, ever more accessible to the rider in any situation, in addition to user-selectable electronic engine management maps, Beta has now introduced a new traction control function.
      The TC function can be engaged at any time from a new button on the control panel in the usual position between the steering tube and the fuel tank. As both the TC function and engine map selection function are controlled from this panel, it now has two control buttons and two separate indicator LEDs for the two functions.

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